DHA PentaSquare Apartments Lahore Phase 5 Prices Location Map Forms


DHA PentaSquare Apartments Lahore Phase 5 Prices Location Map Installments Forms

At this point not much details are officially available. Lahore Real Estate have been working hard to gather as much information possible to assist all its website visitors especially all its expatriate Pakistani clients should not be left behind in getting same information available in Lahore to every one. I am adding this very initial basic information. Any thing missing errors or mistyping etc please forgive me. I will Insha Allah keep you fully updated via LahoreRealEstate.Com & PentaSquareDHALahore.Com and WhatsApp and Viber.

PentaSquare apartments buildings will be located in DHA Lahore phase 5 with direct access on main boulevard near Jalal Sons in CCA area that is in middle of DHA6 blocks C D E. PentaSquare apartments buildings maximum hight will be 200 feet.

Total area reserved for all PentaSquare apartments buildings will be about 79 Kanal. Covered areas will be about 29 %. Green or open areas will be about 71 %. So these apartments wont be too crowded. There will be 16 professionals offices inside buildings with total covered areas about 434113 Square feet. PentaSquare apartments building will have 35 shops with total covered area for all shops will be about 417775. There will a Hyper market and food court. A swimming pool and Gym/Spa is also included. 24/7 electricity supply will be insured. CCTV automated building management systems and electronic parking system will be introduced. 24/7 medical treatment facility will be provided.

I have not seen actual floor plans or maps yet but these are approximate numbers of available apartments

100 Apartments will be available for 1 bed
139 Apartments will be available for 1 beds
156 Apartments will be available for 3 beds

DHA Lahore office is saying this project will be completed within 2 years time. On ground DHA Lahore is already constructing its site office for DHA marketing teams that will show you model apartments or do the booking on site etc. Booking opening date is not set yet & actual prices are not decided yet. DHA Lahore newly hired very strong highly educated MBAs large marketing team have just sent a feeler advertisement in newspapers to research / determine what prices should best and what quality people will prefer inside these apartments. Team will research if people will be willing to pay on cash too or only want to book these apartments in installment.

What is my take on this PentaSquare apartments project?

My guess is booking will be open approximately in late Nov or early Dec 2015. At this point DHA Lahore admin is very tight lipped about prices and not saying any thing about if it will be booked on cash only or installments plans will be offered for all apartments too. Lahore real estate is almost 99.99% sure it will be offered on installments too. If not project will fail from start due to expected high price tags. More perks you will select higher the price will go. It wont be a one shoe fits all apartments. These will be luxury apartments that will be suitable for diplomats etc just like Mall of Lahore in cantt area. LRE expect prices to be very high because project is located in middle of fully developed highly populated area in DHA Lahore phase 5 prime CCA commercial area. Project is also very close to LUMS so in future when it is ready to live it will be very mostly sought after by well paid LUMS foriegn and local PhD professors and rich local and overseas students / parents due to highly secure living in DHA apartments with DHA security etc. Will also be highly popular with expatriate folks who always wanted a secure place to keep at home to visit or return to Pakistan. Since its going to be pure DHA Lahore play that will be constructed and managed by itself It will not have any headaches of Qabza groups cheaters games or rental problems etc. DHA own teams are likely to build and later manage rental etc for owners. Also since actaul number of available apartments will be just few hundreds apartments DHA is likely to book it fast. If offered open booking on installments it will have very strong booking like we always see in Bahria Town newly launched projects etc. There may be a riot for people wanted to book it on installments 🙂

Generally people in Lahore dont like to live in apartment buildings. Urban developers project in Air Avenue was a big floop and they are still booking it daily for past many years but target audience for PentaSquare DHA Lahore will be mostly expatriate Pakistani that have great experience living in apartment buildings in USA UK Dubai Japan etc. This audience have big money available and have 100% trust in DHA Lahore name. This audience can afford to buy billions dollars worth properties in Dubai so DHA can easily book these luxury apartments quickly if offered on installments and get dealers involved in booking process. Expatriate Pakistani have largest main concern about thier personal safety security in Lahore for peaceful living. A safe place to live where you dont have fear of kidnapping robbery etc. Honestly in a kothi if located even in DHA old phases people dont feel safe. Especially overseas Pakistani dont feel comfortable with their families living alone in DHA Lahore houses or any places in Lahore. Bahria Town is getting populated exceptionally fast due to good security there. With PentaSquare apartments superb location just 5 to 7 minutes ride from Lahore airport and extremely close to Lahore ring road interchange I think this project will gain good response from all overseas Pakistanis. At least I my self is very overloaded with 100s of inquires.That have forced me to write this detailed post. Not many people share this kind of useful info to maximize their personal gains potential. First I am too crazy and 2nd at Lahore real estate our priority is to protect your hard earned money and save you each rupee of this hard earned money. Worked most life outside Pakistan to earn each rupee so I know how hard it is to save each dollar riyal to make it possible to invest for our little kids better future. By saying here how good response I am getting from very exited 100s of people I am inviting my 100s of competitor dealers to fight for these clients for booking these apartments mostly by shamelessly reposting my same full post or information with their own names and phone numbers :). Even top 5 largest Estates staff doing this cheating daily with approval with their managements. Promise me If you decided to book it you will only book it through Lahore Real Estate if dealers are involved in booking process instead of rewarding these cheats get rich quick dealers that are stealing Lahore Real Estate daily hard work by copy pasting each line we type :).

If dealers are not involved in booking because DHA Lahore have already hired its own large strong highly educated marketing team please still let DHA Lahore marketing team know that Lahore Real Estate refereed you to them by writing referred by Lahore Real Estate on top right side of booking forms. This will be big help for LRE to get useful information and help for you in future in this project and other DHA projects in future. You already know we are doing the most work that DHA Lahore itself should have been doing for past many years so please help us in getting credit for hard work 🙂 . They wont know it if you wont tell them 🙂

I will also shortly upload location map. Lahore Real Estate will also keep you updated about PentaSquare project progress with pictures progress and development like we have been doing for DHA Lahore all phases projects since past 12 years.

Allah Hafiz and good luck to you. Start saving down payment money now if thinking to book these apartments. If have more questions feel free to ask to me via WhatsApp text. If you only have Viber installed please do install WhatsApp as its much better. Long posts and voice messages can be sent to you by me on WhatsApp. On Viber not possible.

Choudry Mujahid Yasin
Lahore Real Estate
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